Operational Review and Analysis

Review of forensic science organisations and markets, and the determination of police and CJS client needs and wants.  This includes qualitative and quantitative research of the legislative and regulatory environment, review of forensic science markets, the organisation of public sector and private forensic science suppliers, econometric review and comparison with similar organisations.  This analysis leads to recommendations for organisational change and process improvements.


A Feasible and Sustainable Model for Forensic Services Delivery in Canada

(Client - Ministry of Public Safety, Canada)

To determine which particular models of forensic service delivery were both feasible and sustainable in the Canadian political, constitutional, legislative, and regulatory context

The project identified a number of alternate service delivery models and potential savings for the Ministry of Public Safety of between £6 and 10 million per annum.  The Project was completed on time and on budget.


A strategic and operational review of Forensic Science Northern Ireland 

(Client - the Department of Justice in conjunction with the Criminal Justice Inspectorate Northern Ireland)

The report of the findings of this review was published in February 2014